Edenvale Roundtable Community Association (ERCA)


The Edenvale Roundtable Community Association (ERCA) represents the Edenvale neighborhood, consisting of about 2000 households in south San Jose bordering Monterey Road just north of the Blossom Hill overpass. ERCA developed out of the activism ignited by the the Edenvale Project Crackdown program in 1992 to promote community involvement and participation. Monthly community meetings are held in addition to events such as Community Clean-ups (dumpster days), Community Day, and more. ERCA serves to provide a community voice, and to promote working together to determine viable solutions to issues. The Edenvale Roundtable Community Association elects a Board of Directors annually. In true community spirit ERCA members created the Edenvale Community Center from a donated portable building, from a bank – a renovation that was accomplished entirely with donations and community labor. The Center resides on the grounds of the Edenvale Elementary School and provides meeting and class space for the neighborhood. In addition, the Center houses ERCA’s Clothes Closet and Emergency Food Bank, to serve neighbors in need. These activities are supported by donations from local groups and individuals; and administered by volunteers.

Much of ERCA’s area is currently part of a City of San Jose Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) area. To learn more about the Edenvale/Great Oaks SNI area, see http://www.strongneighborhoods.org/edenvale.html.

Background and Neighborhood Information

Edenvale Community Center
Services in the Neighborhood
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Neighborhood Troubleshooter


Second Thursday of each month, 6:30 pm
Edenvale Elementary School
285 Azucar Avenue 

ERCA Newsletter

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The monthly newsletter is also hand-distributed by volunteers in the neighborhood and through the Edenvale Elementary School.

Bulletin Board

Anyone can post a notice on the ERCA Bulletin Board. No membership or special permission is required. Examples of notices include: classifieds (items for sale), garage sales, events, and more - any information you feel might be interesting to residents of Edenvale.


Check the ERCA Calendar for neighborhood meetings and events in Edenvale.

Board of Directors


Israel Leal
(408) 226-8404

Vice President

Tami Moore
(408) 226-8669


Rosemary A. Iglesias
(408) 229-1901


Nick Fay
(408) 363-3580


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